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Cinematic Intimacy Artists

Writers, directors, casting, camera and actors are only some of the artists that bring an intimate scene to fruition. It takes a conscientious Intimacy Coordinator to navigate this collaborative process.

Intimacy is a subjective concept. It can be personal or interpersonal, and it can be marked by any of the senses: touch, voyeurism, time spent, etc. A particular action may be considered intimate for one person but not the next. When the intention of a script is to tell the story of intimacy, an IC is brought onto the team to help capture that moment.

And we want your scenes to be amazing.

Sometimes people think the presence of an Intimacy Coordinator is there to hinder a scene, prevent the creators from getting the content they want, or in someway, make the intimacy or sex more chaste. We are here from the other side to tell you we love sex. We want your sex scenes to be amazing. We also want everyone involved to feel good about what they’re doing.

The purpose of an Intimacy Coordinator on set is to facilitate consent for actors involved in hyper-exposed scenes. Throughout the course of a film or television project, an IC will likely be tasked with advocacy, choreography, and acting as a liaison. An intimacy coordinator must have the elements of cinema integrated in their work; camera angles, lighting and depth are some of the tools you’ll learn to harness with CINTIMA.

There are varying opinions among industry professionals in terms of the need for scenes that require intimacy coordinators. These opinions might be based in actors' loyalty to personal relationships in their lives or the time it takes productions to shoot these tedious scenes. However, love and intimacy are integral parts of so many stories, and intimacy coordinators only want to make them run more efficiently for production and ethically for everyone - especially when it comes to holding steadfast around actors' boundaries, regardless of where those boundaries stem from.

Here at CINTIMA we are dedicated to equipping aspiring Intimacy Coordinators with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as they begin their journey in this industry. We have developed a training program with comprehensive and flexible learning opportunities!

⭐️ Inspire the World to See Intimacy in Everything ⭐️

FAQ: What's the difference between an Intimacy Director & Intimacy Coordinator?

Intimacy Coordination and Intimacy Direction are not the same job. The number one priority for both is to facilitate consent for the actors with which they are working. The mediums of cinema and theatre require such varying performances from actors, and the skills of the Intimacy Professional have to be applicable to the respective medium. In short, Intimacy Coordinators work in film and television, and Intimacy Directors work in theatre.

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