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Intimacy Analysis: Infinity Pool

This film centers around a writer named James (portrayed by Skarsgård), who finds himself grappling with writer's block several years after his debut novel's release. In an effort to rekindle his creative spark, his affluent wife, Em (played by Cleopatra Coleman), arranges a getaway to a secluded island resort.

Yet, in the true fashion of horror movies, the idyllic resort conceals dark secrets. Almost immediately, the couple encounters Gabi (played by Mia Goth) and a group of alluring accomplices who lead them into a twisted and hedonistic, depraved underworld, featuring murder, human cloning to evade execution, and deeply chaotic orgies.

"I admire that particular [orgy] sequence and how it harmonizes with the music," Skarsgård commented in an interview. "It's incredibly evocative... but the shooting process was highly technical due to Brandon and Karim's utilization of various lighting techniques and in-camera effects."

While the film includes numerous scenes that push the boundaries of body horror, the most widely discussed is the provocative breastfeeding scene. In this scene, Gabi provokes James to embrace darkness and commit murder, leading him to sever ties with his wife, Em, as he becomes entangled in a web of sex and violence. Yet, when James reaches a breaking point, unable to harm his own clone, Mia, in the final act, allows him to breastfeed. While some many interpret this as a comforting device it is in fact indicative of his complete submission to her manipulation.

Creating such scenes, the "Infinity Pool" intimacy coordinator Casey Hudecki explained, involves no fixed formula. "I have facilitated the use of prosthetic breasts, prosthetic nipples, breastfeeding doubles, camera tricks to conceal a lack of contact, or even affixing a pacifier to a breast," she stated. Hudecki also added, "Regardless of our personal feelings about breastfeeding, it elicits a primal and visceral connection, making it an effective way to unsettle the audience."

Throughout the film, James displays childlike tendencies, seeking adventure on the island while Em acts as the responsible figure, keeping him in check. This dynamic is linked to Em's financial support of James, who has nothing to show for himself and depends on her for everything.

When James breastfeeds, it becomes evident that he is reborn, and this profound, albeit vile experience, solidifies Gabi as his true mother. It may not be a genetic connection, but she awakens his authentic self. James's tears during the act do not reflect remorse; instead, they signify his acceptance that his former life is over and will never be able to compare to what he felt on the island.

If you enjoyed Mia Goth's performance in the iconic 'Pearl' you are going to love this somehow even more unhinged character portrayal. And, if you enjoyed Alexander Skarsgård in 'The Northman' you are going to love the deeply physical elements of his performance in Infinity Pool. Or if you’re just looking for a film that will leave you wondering 'what did I just watch?'… then this is for you. 🙃


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