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Intimacy in Comedy

Have you ever laughed during sex? So many elements of sex can be funny from sounds to faces to the clumsiness of undressing. Embracing these moments instead of resisting them can even deepen intimacy. We love to see these moments in film and television! The audience love for these moments is what deems a scene iconic. Whether it's an embarrassing moment or a deep fear, we love these scenes because of how relatable they are!

These are some of our favorite intimacy scenes in comedy, what did we forget?!

  1. Zac & Miri Make A Porno

  2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  3. Dumb & Dumber

  4. Zoolander

  5. Trainwreck

  6. The Wolf of Wall Street

  7. Bridesmaids

Comedic intimate scenes are some of our favorite to choreograph. Register for our course at the link in bio, and learn all about the angles, timing, and lighting that bring these laughs to life!

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