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In the world of cinema, every department has a hand in the deft workmanship that delivers a compelling story to its audience. The ARTISTRY of an IC is to elevate an intimate scene not only with choreography, but by holding space for all of the other artists on set so that they may elevate the story with their work.


The role of Intimacy Coordination was created in the entertainment industry because it was recognized that in many instances there was a lack of integrity in the process of filming intimate scenes. This lack of integrity was due to the historical prevalence of power dynamics and coercion in these situations.

Integrity is important because it creates a sense of unity, morality, and principles in what was previously an unbalanced space. In the profession of intimacy coordination, integrity is a fundamental value that is woven into the fabric of the work. At CINTIMA, we hold our program and students to the same standard of integrity.


Audiences are experiencing more films and TV shows starring BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ folks, and people with disabilities. However, these groups are still not adequately represented, especially in lead roles. The addition of intimacy to these roles can further heighten the charged atmosphere around the process.

CINTIMA's mission is to bring more artists from these intersecting communities to both sides of the camera. We believe that those who embody these stories in real life should be the ones telling them and receiving support. Entertainment shapes our culture, and as we intentionally raise these voices, we hope the culture responds COMPASSIONATELY.

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