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Professionalism as an Intimacy Coordination

When it comes to Intimacy Coordination, professionalism is KEY. Hiring a seasoned and professional Intimacy Coordinator for a film or television production is a crucial task to ensure a safe and respectful working environment for the cast and crew.

Here are 4 attributes of a professional Intimacy Coordinator:

Education 📓

Look for certifications or specialized trainings in Intimacy Coordination. Having completed a SAG-AFTRA Accredited training program like CINTIMA can be an indicator of a commitment to professional standards.

Knowledge of Current Industry Standards and Guidelines 📋

Ensure that an Intimacy Coordinator is up to date with protocols established by SAG-AFTRA. The union and the Intimacy Coordinator have common ground in protecting the actors on set. A commitment to staying informed reflects an Intimacy Coordinator who is evolving as this role continues to develop and maintains a high level of expertise in the field.

Collaboration Skills 🫱🏽‍🫲🏾

Can this candidate collaborate with directors, producers, and crew members on the team? Effective communication and collaboration are essential for Intimacy Coordinator to carry out their role successfully. IC's must be able to diplomatically facilitate discussions about boundaries, consent and the emotional well-being of the performers, and ensure that everyone involved is comfortable and appropriately informed.

D.E.I. Awareness 👁️

The Intimacy Coordinator that you hire should be sensitive to any issues of inclusivity and diversity that may come up in the script. A professional Intimacy Coordinator has an understanding and can hold space for the range of diversity including race, gender, ability, and sexuality. They will also have the humility to recognize when such content is beyond their understanding and respond accordingly.

Are you looking for an Intimacy Coordinator to work on your next project? Reach out today!

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