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The intersections of intimacy work & identity-based storytelling

Intimacy coordination and identity-based storytelling intersect in several ways. Identity-based storytelling refers to narratives that center on the experiences of individuals or communities based on their identities, such as race, gender, sexuality, or disability.

Intimacy Coordination within identity-based storytelling can help facilitate the telling of more authentic and nuanced stories that accurately represent the experiences of marginalized communities. By ensuring that highly vulnerable scenes are performed with sensitivity and consent; intimacy coordinators can help prevent the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes or tropes that have historically been present in media.

IC's can help create a safe and supportive environment for actors to explore complex and potentially triggering material related to their identities. This can help actors feel more comfortable and empowered to share their own experiences and perspectives, which can ultimately lead to more authentic and impactful storytelling.

Ultimately, the intersection of intimacy coordination and identity-based storytelling can lead to better representation of diverse experiences on screen and on stage.

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