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Hire Disabled Creatives

Hiring for film and television isn't just about meeting “legal standards;" it's about enhancing storytelling, connecting with the full scope of diverse audiences, and contributing to a more positive & inclusive industry culture. This means including people of all abilities. Here are some of the many ways filling roles on and off camera with people in the Disabled Community is additive to the creative process:

  • Diverse Storytelling: Disabled creatives bring unique perspectives that can enrich storytelling, leading to more authentic and relatable narratives.

  • Innovation in Representation: Embracing disability in creative roles fosters innovation in character representation, breaking stereotypes and offering fresh, compelling storylines.

  • Market Connection: Reflecting the diversity of audiences, including those with disabilities, ensures Hollywood remains relevant and connected to a broader viewer base.

  • Positive Image: Hollywood's commitment to diversity, including disability diversity, contributes to a positive industry image, fostering a culture of inclusion and creativity.

  • Breaking Stereotypes: In the entertainment industry, showcasing the talents of disabled creatives challenges stereotypes, promoting a more inclusive and open-minded industry.

  • Inclusive Culture: A Hollywood that embraces disability diversity creates a more inclusive culture, enhancing morale and contributing to positive workplace dynamics.

  • Adaptive Creativity: Disabled creatives often possess adaptive creativity, valuable in an industry that requires resilience and innovative problem-solving.

  • Ethical Filmmaking: Promoting diversity, including disability diversity, is an ethical choice, showcasing a commitment to social responsibility and progressive filmmaking.

CINTIMA offers robust programming in understanding Intimacy and Disability in film and television. Learn from @XianHorn in Module II: Soft Skills. Register for our IC Training here!

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