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What is a Nudity Rider

A rider is a legal term which refers to an addition to an existing contract. In film and television, scenes that involve nudity or simulated s3x require a Nudity Rider for each actor stating what they have agreed to contractually.

There are protocols to generating a Nudity Rider that are meant to give actors ample time for informed consent and to keep actors safe. We teach you all about these protocols and all things Nudity Riders in our Intimacy Coordinator training course.

CINTIMA offers two tracks for Intimacy Coordinator training in the film & television industry:

•Training Track•

If you simply want to acquire the skills and start applying them in the field, our self-study training track is perfect for you. You will need to complete all four modules to receive a proof of full-training credential, but certification is not required to begin working. If trainees want to take one module at a time, CINTIMA will also grant trainees proof of training credentials upon successful completion of each module.

•Certification Track•

For those seeking a CINTIMA CERTIFIED designation, we offer an expanded course that includes on-set mentorship & one-on-one assessments. After completing the basic four modules & obtaining a proof of full-training credential, trainees can proceed to become CINTIMA CERTIFIED. Please note that an additional fee will be required for certification.

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