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Day in the life of an Intimacy Coordinator

You ever wonder what the typical day of an IC looks like?

8 AM: Wake up. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Check email to confirm call time hasn't changed since night before. 9 AM: Leave an hour early to get to the shoot location EARLY.

10 AM: Arrive to crew parking. Find COVID-19 Safety tent if you are on cadence to test today. If this is our first day on this project for at this location, find the production trailer so you can check in and find out where your work space will be for the day. 10:30AM: Check in with other department heads - costumes, etc. - to make sure modesty garments are any other needs for today's scenes are ready for actors. Touch base with actors in they're trailers or possibly in hair and make up - as long as they are not on set. 11AM: While waiting for rehearsal to begin, schedule meetings with actors for the rest of the week's scenes or with actors in other projects that you're working on. 12PM: Rehearsal is scheduled but they're probably running late, so we get some crafty.

12:30PM: Rehearse scene with Actors, Director, Director of Photography. 12:32PM (Haha) Run scene for crew and 2nd team. 1PM: Final prep with actors while the crew sets up the shot. 2PM: Lunch 3PM: Time to shoot the scene! Make sure the set is closed, and no one has access to monitors other than the people involved in the rehearsal. 5PM: You're day is wrapped on set! Do a "step out" with the actors to make sure they feel good about the work. Head home to send a daily report to the production team, complete time cards and prepare for tomorrow's scene!

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