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Intimacy Coordinators & Birthing Scenes

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

From conception to postpartum, the nature of childbearing is that of extreme intimacy. This experience can cover the entire spectrum of human emotions from eroticism to fear, from joy to sadness, from tenderness to anger and shame. When these stories are told on camera, an actor may actually be pregnant which could trigger anxiety around vanity, or they may be using a prosthetic which could be a physical challenge.

Giving birth can also be very traumatizing; this might be the story being told or it might be an actor or crew member's own story - either way, stirring up trauma. For these, and many other reasons, an Intimacy Coordinator might be asked to a set for support in this material.

Learn from our Intimacy Instructors and Trauma Informed Specialists on how to show up for these moments by taking our course!

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