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Modesty Garments & Barriers

There are many different types of modesty garments and barriers but they can all be divided into 4 categories: Chest Coverings, Strapless Garments, Strap Garments, and Barriers.


■ Nipple Covers

■ Stick-On Bra

■ Strapless Bra

■ Bandeau Top

■ Strapless Binder: a chest binder without over-the-shoulder straps.


○ Drawstring Pouch: a skin-tone pouch for external genitalia that closes with a drawstring or with other tying-style options. Some practitioners call it a ‘sock,’ ‘modesty sock,’ ‘modesty pouch’ or a ‘pouch’.

○ Shield Pouch: a unique skin-tone pouch with a drawstring and extended fabric created by INTIMASK to cover full external genitalia and the pubic hair line whilst having a pocket and a Silicone Barrier.

○ Strapless Thong: a skin-tone thong without the side straps. Covers the genital area and pubic hair. Some call it a ‘modesty patch’ or ‘Shibue’/‘Hibue ’(which is the brand selling such items). There are also modified versions that have a pocket and a silicone barrier.

○ Side Thong: A thong that pulls the external genitalia sideways. It is recommended to add a pocket to insert a Garment Barrier if needed.

○ Strapless Brief: a unique skin-tone garment created by INTIMASK, a brief-like garment without the side straps. Covers the genital area as well as the intergluteal cleft. It has pockets on both ends for a Front Silicone Barrier and a Back Silicone Barrier.


○ Thongs

○ Briefs

○ Shorts

For certain actions you will need to add a Garment Barrier

(Source: JCBP Spring 2022 "Tools of the Trade: Reflections on Modesty Garments & Barriers" By Yarit Dor)

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