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Self Care as an Intimacy Coordinator

A solid self care practice is pinnacle to the efficiency of your work as an Intimacy Coordinator. In order to maintain your own boundaries while advocating for others' boundaries, you must have a self care routine that works for you! CINTIMA has an entire self care lesson in Module I. Here are some key takeaways:

1. Stimulate your vagus nerve

One way to nudge ourselves out of this anxious state is to stimulate the vagus nerve. An easy breathing exercise is the square breathing practice. Simply, breathe in for four counts, gently hold at the top of the breath for four counts, breathe out for four counts, and gently hold and the bottom of the breath for four counts.

2. Good boundaries

If you’ve reached your max, you may not have the emotional scope to deal with other people’s problems or overstretch yourself at work. Getting into the trap of being/doing everything for everybody is a fast track to burnout. Stay strong and understand the implications of getting too wrapped in other people’s expectations, this will help when it comes to setting firmer boundaries.

3. Kind(er) words

Micro-moments of encouraging words like, “It’s OK to take breaks” & “Mistakes are what help us grow” can provide a deeper sense of self-care when there’s simply so much going on.

4. Sleep

Try some good sleep hygiene, such as meditating before bed, limiting screen time, and going to bed at roughly the same time each night.

5. Silent walking

Many of us have gotten into the habit of popping our earphones on while out for a walk, but silent walking is creating room in our minds to notice and appreciate our natural surroundings.

6. Take a screen break

In an era of doom scrolling and social media overstimulation, it’s no wonder our senses are overstimulated. This makes it even more vital to take an occasional break from our phones.

Register for the course to get a more robust understanding of self care in Intimacy Coordination.

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